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Published: 04th April 2011
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A farmer considering the purchase of a milking machine,must read the details below as,The portable unit is a recent development with many advantages.

Milking by machine is done when many cows need to be milked. If fewer than 15 cows need to be milked, and if you have enough time to hand-milk them all, machines may not be worth the expense.

The milking machine is a nearly automatic machine installation for milking cows.

In operation, milk is drawn from the cow's teats because a vacuum is created within the cup device, forcing the milk through the teat canal. The pulsator alternates the pressure, first creating a vacuum (milk phase), and then applying air, which causes the flexible liner in the cup to collapse and massage the teat (rest phase). The alternating process of milk-and-rest is continued in a rhythmic pattern for the cows' health and good milk productivity.

There are two methods of milking a cow: by hand or using a milking machine. When milking a cow, wear latex gloves because your hands may become contaminated with mastitis-causing pathogens. Mastitis is an infection of the breast that can cause pain, swelling, and redness, and makes the milk from the cow unfit to drink.

Cattle are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. Cows should be milked at the same times every day, at least twice a day. Regular milking helps prevent mastitis, and also reduces stress on the cattle, which can affect the amount of milk they produce. The more equal the intervals between milkings, the more consistent the quality of milk.

We will talk about Portable Milking Machine and its use in today's modern dairy industry.

Advantages of Using milking machine:

There are several advantages to using an automatic milking system, as opposed to milking cows by hand. The first is efficiency. With an automatic milking system you can milk more cows, in less time, with less labor. Large dairies often use milking parlors, huge buildings designed specifically for milking a significant number of cows. Pasture cows, who are grazing in the fields, usually walk to the milking parlor. The second advantage is cleanliness.

Hoses and Cups in Portable Milking Machine

A milking machine is basically a number of hoses that lead from the cow to a pipeline or storage container for the milk. The cow's teats are fitted into a metal shaped cup with a rubber liner. The cup is attached to a hose and a pulsator creates a pressure in the outer chamber to draw the milk from the cow. During this milking process the pulsator regulates the amount of pressure to simulate the nursing of a calf.

Pulsator in single milking machine,double milking machine:

The principle depends on a partial vacuum which is created when air is removed from the hose and cup. This vacuum is created by the pulsator which admits air around the rubber liner, forcing it to create a suction on the teat. After the milking is completed, the pulsator shifts into a rest or massage phase, applying less pressure. This gentle massage helps to keep the cow's teats healthy.

Auto Removal in automatic milking machines:

Many milk machines have automatic take-off or detacher devices. This releases the cow's teats when the milking is complete. Modern machines are often connected to a computer system that regulates the milking machine and stores data about the cow's production.

Why Daily Milking:

To sustain the lactation period of a cow, she must be consistently milked. The lactation period is around 300 days, and during this time a cow should be milked at least twice daily. There should be an extended time frame between the daily milkings. Milking machines can help to increase the milking to three times a day, which is actually less stressful for the cow and can increase the yield. With the more frequent milking, the cow stores less milk between milkings.

Economical Portable Milking Machines made for Easy and Hygienic Dairy Milking Equipments.

Milking Machines are extensively in demanded by various dairy farms across the world. Portable Milking Machine Systems are provided with single Milking Machine & double bucket Milking Machines. Small and Medium Dairy Farms can avail these machines in different patterns and specifications to cater to the varied needs of dairy Industry.These Milking Machines help in assimilation of milk more effectively.

Milking Machines are Ideal for Small farmers and Medium Dairy farms and It Helps to produce better quality milk. With the help of there Portable Milking Machines it is easy for small Dairymen for Milking 8 to 10 cow per hour.

It is also very pleasant to the Pet or Animal as it simulates call sucking milking.It offers dairy man consistent Milking Practice- Uniform Milking and Ensures Hygienic and udder health.As a result it offers Increased Productivity through better Manpower management.

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